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Kaveri Dolas

// I'm currently at my 1.0 alpha version, looking forward to becoming a beta version..
A white-bearded monk meditating quietly

For the past year, I'm studying and polishing my web development skills.

Now I'm more confident about my technical skills, logical skills and Responsive Designing.

A calm orange shrimp, with a smile on her face, swimming with her little legs


Some relatable memes...


//Made with




Portfolio:- 4MB
1 reference website
+10 hours of thinking
+30 hours of code
∞ cups of coffee
∞ cups of Tea
∞ amount of internet search

Oh Beta Ji
Phir Se Ud Chala
Kar Har Maidaan Fateh
Roar, Katy Perry
Wavin’ Flag
Shake It Off
Let It Go
And Many More...

Thank you for checking my website.

Check out my work for more details.

A green one-eyed octopus, smiling and swimming around with his little tentacles
A little green alien, flying around in its purple spaceship
An astronaut in a purple space suit, floating in space trying to reach for his coffee cup